Developing Leaders

Philip A. Iannuzzi, Jr., Ed.D.

U.S. Air Force Colonel (Retired)

Welcome! The goal of this site is to help develop, improve, and sustain your leadership capability.

For more than forty years, Iannuzzi has served in a wide range of diverse leadership roles, from first-level to executive, and across a variety of military, corporate, and educational leadership positions. His goal is to use this platform to help develop the next generation of global leaders. His leadership experience includes roles as a senior United States Air Force officer and command pilot (1984 - 2008), senior aerospace industry leader with The Boeing Company (2008 - 2023), educational leader, and educator with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Underpinning that experience, he holds a doctoral degree in educational leadership and four masters' degrees, including masters' degrees in systems management, operations research, military operations, and global strategic studies.

Short clip on pending release of new book

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